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Day by day, you encounter changes and challenges,

– in law, especially tax regulations,

– in opinions given by courts, authorities, offices,

– posed by emerging and growing competition,

– relating to your plan or need to invest, sell or protect your assets,

– posed by generation changes;

in this context, our Law Firm is committed to meet your needs by offering you specialist and comprehensive tax-law and business service and assistance aimed to ensure smooth operation and growth of your enterprise, and facilitate your acquisitions.

What is our work method?

The process beginning with contact and ending with project completion.



Our contact and recommendation network enables us to establish relationships with selected entities.


Recognizing Client’s objectives and demand.

At face-to-face meetings, and using means of remote communication, always with the clients’ security in mind, we make a detailed analysis of their business needs and objectives, arriving at a concept that leads to the fulfilment and achievement of those needs and objectives.


Concept presentation

Following a detailed analysis of the Clients’ needs, we provide them with a complete concept explaining how to achieve their goals, precisely defining all tasks, time needed to complete them, tax-law consequences and the total cost of completion.


Project Implementation/Completion

Work done by a team of specialists results in a complete project delivered to the Client who is capable of achieving the objectives set.


Monitoring of changes, considering Clients’ positions and needs

Our Law Firm continually monitors imminent and enacted amendments to laws, changes in economic conditions and the business environment, preparing early responses and advising Clients of necessary modifications, caution needed or additional restrictions. Thus our Law Firm always ensures that the Client, with the project completed, benefits from constant monitoring and access to information about changes that will affect the Client’s business, risk and security.

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