Tax-law service of business entities

- Current monitoring of the tax-law position of entrepreneurs and their enterprises,
- Drafting and evaluating business contracts,
- Assisting in tax and local charge settlements,
- Compiling tax-law opinions,
- Preparing and obtaining individual interpretations.

Strategic tax consultancy

- Assistance in building optimum tax-law structure and strategy of entrepreneurs and their enterprises, both in Poland and abroad,
- Creating tax shields in the case of capital transaction,
- Representation in all phases of inspections, verification measures and tax-law proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts.

Capital restructuring

- Mergers, reorganization, division of business entities, considering the needs and current position of entrepreneurs and their enterprises

Service in the real-property market

- Assessments of real properties to be acquired or disposed of, including taxation on disposal and acquisition,
- Supporting and conducting developer processes,
- Seeking real properties suiting the client’s special demand,
- Assistance in selling investments in real property.

Handling of disposals and capital takeovers

- Service and tax-law assessment of entities entering into capital transactions,
- Transaction negotiations,
- Preparing and supervising transaction documents, including investment contracts,
- Tax-law assistance during transaction,
- Post-transaction advice.

The agricultural growing and processing market of Cannabis sativa

- Assistance in obtaining permits to grow or process Cannabis sativa,
- Legal service of the growing and processing phases of Cannabis sativa, including those aimed to obtain top quality CBD,
- Assistance in developing and marketing products based on Cannabis sativa,
- Assistance in certification of Cannabis sativa growing and processing.

Raising funding in the private market

- Seeking and presentation of investors ready to provide funding for projects indicated by the Client,
- Drawing up offers, negotiations with investors,
- Tax-law service of the investment process.

Seeking and handling investments in the private market

- Seeking, assessing and presenting investment opportunities to investors in the private market (investment and shares, stock, companies, securities, real property)

R&D activity service

- Enterprise and plan evaluation, preparing and implementing R&D projects,
- Assistance in calculating the tax base considering the percentage of expenses on research and development (known as eligible expenditure),
- Determining eligible expenditure deductible as part of R&D credit,
- Assistance in obtaining the status of a Research and Development Centre.